from Simply Gather Moms

Avon Road Mom:

"The meals all took 30 minutes or less and yes that was awesome! I thought the pre-prep SG did was HUGE, plus having everything prepped looked extremely professional and made me feel like I could jump right in a start cooking."


Villa Road Mom:

"It was healthy, nourishing food, that I made for my kids. I think it reminded me that its important to me that they see me or my husband cook dinners, because its the beginning of a healthy relationship with family dinners."


Old Country Road Mom:

"The chicken farro bowl was 'my dream meal.' It was delicious and so well balanced. The chicken seasoning was SO freaking delicious. The toasted almonds being toasted already = AMAZING."


Tulip Lane Mom:

"I loved how everything had been pre-measured. The kids loved the kale pesto pasta (I was worried they wouldn't since they aren't always into green food)."


Oak Avenue Mom:

"The food was terrific and I liked the alternatives for kids if they didn't like the other option."