Make grown-up meals for you, simpler meals for your kids, in 30 minutes or less!

(Chicken – Gremolata or Fingers, with an artichoke)

Simply Gather is a different kind of meal kit service in every way. One notable departure is that we design every recipe to yield two essentially separate meals from a single work stream.This is to ensure all our meals work really well especially for families with younger kids.

The unique upside is that you only have to cook once - 30 minutes of prep or less - and from that single effort you get both complex grown-up flavors for the parents, and simple, plainer meals for the kids. Kinda' cool, right?

Every recipe card (one comes with each meal ordered) calls out specific 'kids tips' at any step of the cooking process wherein there is an opportunity to keep the chicken plain for kids (before seasoning the rest with spicy taco season for the adults), or to keep the red pepper slices raw for picky little ones (before sautéing with onions and garlic for mom and dad...).


We have worked really hard to create recipes, cooking methods, and meals that make it easier for parents to have enjoyable, healthy, locally-sourced family dinners every weeknight. We hope you enjoy, and thank you for inviting us to dinner!

The Simply Gather Team