(Chicken – Gremolata or Fingers, with an artichoke)

Simply Gather is a different kind of meal kit service.

It's simple - we do the prep for you (chopping, peeling, etc.) so every meal takes 30 minutes or less

For families with small kids, every recipe is designed to yield two separate meals from a single work stream, so you get both complex grown-up flavors for the parents, and plainer meals for the kids. Kinda' cool, right?

Every recipe calls out 'kids tips' to keep the chicken plain for kids or the red pepper slices raw for picky little ones.


Caren Weintraub was born in and has lived most of her life near to New York City. 

Caren and her husband both greatly value the ritual of nightly ‘family dinner’ – and do all they can to make it happen pretty consistently every Sunday to Thursday.

But from thinking through the week’s meal plan, to hitting the supermarket, to the challenge of carving out 45 minutes before dinner time, it just isn’t easy to get a meal on the table by 6:30pm every night, and one that will be gobbled up by little picky eaters, but also offer something to grown-ups with more sophisticated palettes. Caren tried other tools and services out there to try to make the ‘dinner challenge’ an easier one to win, but nothing seemed to deliver for both the parents and the kids. And so Simply Gather was born.

Knowing how hard it is to cook even the simplest of meals with two kids hanging on your ankles, Caren looked for ways to entertain and educate kids around dinner, cooking, nutrition, and where food comes from. That’s why every meal is accompanied by a Kid Kit designed to keep your kids busy for that witching-hour right before dinner hits the table!

Thank you for the opportunity to help get your family around the table with less stress.



In every meal kit, we are dedicated to delivering dishes and ingredients that are:
– Organic
– Seasonal
– Balanced, healthy, whole
– Locally sourced 
– Delivered with minimal packaging, waste, and carbon footprint
– Prepped as much as possible without compromising quality (ie chopped, diced, cubed, cleaned, etc.)
Why is that you ask? Simply Gather is meant to be a small local business, an enterprise that supports local people, families, and businesses, creates local jobs, and delivers in a limited local radius to ensure minimal negative impact on the local and broader environment.